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Need someone to teach new skills?

Topic Specific Training

We have expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, where audiences leave our talks entertained and inspired. Learn more about their speaking engagements below.


Importance of Onboarding New Employees

Recruiting, Orientation, Training and the costs of not doing it well

Having some turn over issues?  Maybe the questions are not targeted enough?

We take our foundational principles and apply your HR functions to get your staff to understand the importance and impact of Onboarding.


Motivating Self and Others

Motivation, Inspiration, Reward and Recognition

Are you struggling with Reward and Recognition initiatives? Are employees getting demotivated by Managers?

We help staff learn the vital impacts of motivating staff and how it must be customized per the individual.

Audience Clapping

Sales 101

How to be Meaningful & Memorable

Get your first time sales staff up to speed on the fundamentals. Get them inspired to engage in win-win conversations with prospects. Give them tools to help be more efficient in tracking prospects.

Speaking: Speaking

Let's Talk Customized Solutions

We encourage each client to work with us to customize each of our trainings to fit their process, their culture and their vision. Please say "Hello" below, and let us know what you are looking for in a customized training.

Thanks for saying Hello! We will be back in touch with you soon.

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